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EducDesign_logo2006.jpgOLEFA-LMS is developed, maintained and distributed by EducDesign Inc. (www.educdesign.lu) a software-engineering company located in Dudelange (Luxembourg).
EducDesign Inc. is committed to develop innovative and practice-oriented educational and teaching solutions and to advise and assist schools and school boards to integrate technologies into their teaching- and learning environments.

Pupils and teachers are in the focus of all our efforts.
  • We firmly believe in the natural curiosity, inborn competencies and eagerness to learn of children and pupils.
  • We see day after day that children and young people have a lot to tell and want to share their experiences with others.
  • We are convinced of the potential of inquiry-driven pedagogy
  • We understand Learning (and teaching) as a dynamic, non-linear, open-ended and adaptive process in which the inquiring student (and teacher) is in the centre of his own maturing process.
  • Learning takes place anywhere and all the time. Learning that is driven by real-world problems fascinates us. 
  • We recognise that the children and adolescents grow up in a “world of media” and that schools and day care centres must face & tackle, among many other educational and scholarly tasks, the challenges of the knowledge and information society,
  • We are aware of the importance of teachers and their permanent efforts to support children and young people in constructing their individual life.
  • We are aware of teachers' everyday concerns and the complex responsibilities and challenges associated with the teaching profession in an ever-changing society. 
EducDesign Inc. therefore is committed to develop tools which take into account the existing and inborn skills, competencies and capacities of all persons, but especially those of young and very young persons, and to give them professional, high-quality modern and user-friendly working means, in order to empower them to act autonomously in the net. We want pupils to become authors of authentic digital content at hand, rather than to remain stuck in the role of consumers of programs or exercising tools.

Not the technical aspects of the tools are in the foreground,
  • but their educational added-value 
  • their effectiveness in relation to learning and development processes and 
  • the practicality and adequation of the tools at in daily school life school the teachers.
OLEFA and its tools are the expression and manifestation of these attitudes, beliefs and aspirations for which we stand, as engineers, developers and operators of a modern LMS (Learning Management System). 

9423977_xxl.jpgThe possibilities offered by the learning environment fully comply with the official requirements of the current curriculum for primary schools of the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, in the domain of development of media literacy and transversal competences. (cf Plan d'Etudes, pages 50-56)

All the tools across the platform consistently follow the principle and the philosophy
  • to enable users (starting in early childhood) to become intrinsically motivated, mature and self-driven producers of authentic digital content (... and to go beyond the basic stage of consumers of "closed" learning materials and didactic approaches of "drill-and-practice "and/or " teaching-to-the test "),
  • to empower and simplify cooperation within each educational community (as a native and concrete social network) at all levels 
  • to promote and show itself to the outside world by allowing an insight into their work and efforts. 
The platform acts as a transformative force and agent in schools, challenging traditional processes and habits, undermining and gradually changing the school and the culture.

OLEFA has received national and international awards for outstanding ICT-based educational media in 2010, 2011 and 2012:
ComeniusEduMed_Siegel_2010_Web.gif Comenius_Edumedia.png EuropeanLanguageLabel_E.png

We have learnt a few important lessons about key success factors for implementing ICT-tools in schools, allowing those tools to find their way into a regular school practice and to be accepted and adopted by the teaching staff.

Tools must respond to the following criteria and principles:
Keep it simple
  • they must be simple to use (without any technical hurdles in the classroom)
  • their handling is intuitive for teachers and pupils and can be learned with minimal effort
  • they can be used spontaneously in a learning situation 
  • they must offer an attractive, modern and intuitive user interface
  • they must provide recent and comfortable Web and browser technologies (e.g., drag-and-drop / multi-format conversion of files) and run on any device
  • they must be complementary, highly-integrated, coherent and complete, so that the user does not have to zap between x various application environments,
  • they must be adaptable to different instructional designs,
  • they must have a stringent & coherent pedagogical concept,
  • their integration ideally is complemented by pedago-technological support and training measures. 
  • they must continuously be adapted to the technological and educational developments in order to add value for teachers and pupils.

Despite huge progresses in the web technologies, the integration of technology into the everyday school life often represents a major challenge for educational communities. Local conditions must be taken into consideration and technical, infrastructural, pedagogical, political, financial and formative aspects have to come together to be synchronised and concerted in order to trigger a successful assimilation of ICT in a school. A sustainable and broad base of a new practice needs regardless of the existing educational and technological maturity of an organisation, a sound conceptual basis and systematic professional support and training. 

To support educational institutions in addressing these challenges EducDesign Inc. offers a wide range of services, necessary to take into account the inherent complexity and the interaction of all dimensions and to progressively ensure sustainable and effective integration of technological tools in everyday school life. 

18134999_xxl.jpgEducDesign is offering the following services:
  • Assessment of the existing ICT parks (hardware, software, network infrastructure) 
  • Development of technical and pedagogical visions, strategies and concepts and plans
  • Counselling and monitoring of architectural measures or projects in order to ensure that pedagogical and technological interests and issues are being taken in consideration during the whole project-phases
  • Development of web-based systems for libraries, media libraries, photo archives, archives, etc … 
  • Elaboration of long-term action- and investment plans and quantified projections for the school boards (4-7 years)
  • Development, deployment and customisation of security solutions for the network (Internet filter, firewall, …) 
  • Training and continuing education of teachers
  • Creation of attractive Internet sites, allowing schools to promote their identity and facilitate cooperation between the school partners.
  • Editorial and technical support to school teams and school boards in the maintenance of their web presence 
  • Preventive software maintenance of ICT equipment and revision of the hardware

Contact us if you have questions and / or interest in any of the above services.