More than just tools!

Not the tools are important, but the goals a person or group intend to achieve. The tools allow pupils, students and teachers, individually or as a group, to act and collaborate simultaneously or at different moments. All tools were developed based on observations of real teaching practices in the classrooms and constant exchange of ideas and experiences between teachers and the designers of the tools. Applications can be used by children as early as in the Kindergarten, by pupils in primary and secondary schools as well as by adults in higher education institutions. All functionalities are continuously adapted to the technical evolution of browsers and Internet.

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Teachers can use the assignment tool to attribute work to an entire group or to individual students. Students can manage their assignments, hand in their work via the same tool or directly interact with the respective teacher.

Calendar - Plan your time. Schedule events.

Create personal and/or group agendas. Create appointments, submit your events and possibly invite other users.

OLEFA–CMS – Present your institution.

Design dynamic and attractive websites. Maintain and update your web content quickly and easily without technical knowledge.

Database Generator - Organise your data.

Generate complex databases for any purposes: blogs, news, contact databases, podcasts, material stocks ...

Resources Manager - Data / Documents centrally available / Central Repository

Pictures, movies, audio recordings, and office documents are stored and become available in a central repository for further use and processing in all tools and applications.

Groupmanager - Manage users & groups.

Add new users, create groups, assign users to groups, define appropriate roles and rights of use, grant access to tools, data or functions.

Access and rights management - Control is better.

The consistently implemented access control mechanisms ACL Access-Control-List allows to protect your data against unauthorized access across all tools of the platform.

Library/OPAC - Handle any media and materials.

Manage your library or media center, your archives, and educational resources and materials.