Pinboard – Share important information.

Users can post news and information on their own pinboard (text, images, links and files of any format) and decide to which groups (level based) they are visible / accessible. Authorised persons can then react to the posts and comment on them.

The pinboard is a safe social media component. Only people registered on the school network can access the pinboard. Furthermore all contributions and reactions can be attributed to precise users (no anonymity).


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Subtitles available with the CC-button in the video. Select your language with the gear-symbol.

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Upload files into pinboard


  • Publish and share texts
  • Restrict visibility on post basis
  • Embed documents and multimedia-files (pictures, audio-files, documents)
  • Comment posts
  • Filter posts by group
  • Report abuse
  • Change and delete posts
  • Drag and Drop (documents, pictures, sound files)
  • Photos are already compressed by the browser before the upload