Calendar - Plan your time. Schedule events.

Use one or more calendars to help schedule your events and appointments. Calendars can be shared among multiple user groups. Invite people or groups to an appointment or event. (You also benefit from the group hierarchy, which was built into the User Manager.)

The reservation of  facilities (eg. computer room, Airtramp, educational kitchen ...) can be synchronized on the calendar. The inbuilt date-scheduler allows groups to coordinate their agendas and decide on the best moment to gather.

You can share public calendars for the visitors of your website, or embed them in form of mini-calendars.

The calendar can be subscribed on smartphones.

More videos:
Grouping calendars / overlapping events
Setup personal calendar lists
A- und B-Wochen nutzen/A- and B-Week scheduling



Calendar views
  • week overview
  • month overview
  • year overview

  • Embedding of a calendar (thumbnail view) is possible on any place of your website
  • Text search in all authorized calendars
  • Export calendar entries

Subscribing to Calendars
  • ICS
  • RSS

Event editor
  • Enter event title
  • Assign calendar
  • All-day events
  • Set start- and end-dates and the exact time
  • Set reminders
  • Repetitive events
  • Invite attendees to events
  • Accept/refuse invitations to events
  • Duplicate events

  • Attach external links
  • Attach documents.

System function
  • Notification on invitation (system notification / email)