Access and rights management - Control is better.

Access management aims to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data and to grant authorised users the right to use a tool or to have access to certain data, while restricting access to non-authorised users. 

All data is protected with an easy-to-use mechanism.

Browse, edit, delete, rename, upload, download, ... are just a few of the different context-related actions which can be precisely defined for each folder, project or database.


Access rights for each project, folder, calendar, database:
  • Assign access rights: view, general editing rights, right to edit for your own entries, upload files, create sub-folders, changing the rights ...
  • These rights may be granted to individual accounts, user groups (including hierarchical subgroups), for all users or for guests.
  • These groups can also be entered in combination with a minimum user level (eg. committee / management, teachers, students ...)
  • Rights can be added (eg. access for multiple user groups) and removed (for example, all users except a certain group)
  • Global privilege settings permit to adjust rules for all projects simultaneously
Customizable sessions settings:
  • Number of simultaneous sessions allowed per user (1-5)
  • Active session coupled to IP address
  • Session-Timeout customizable
General safety aspects:
  • Htaccess protection for restricted folders
  • Passwords customized by the user are always stored encrypted 
  • Optional plain text passwords are permitted for new accounts depending on the security setting
  • Minimum password length adjustable (5-, 8-, 10-digit)