Wiki – Present your activities. Collaborate on projects.

Create and structure individual, class- or project pages, reports, documentations, concepts,…

Publish your own projects on the web. Enrich your productions with text, pictures, galleries, audio-recordings, movies, quizzes and questionnaries, links and more. The WYSIWYG-editor allows you to see directly how your modifications look like.

Decide with a few clicks which content is accessible online or restricted to authorised persons or groups.

Create simple or complex, individual or group projects. Collaborate with your colleagues and friends on a same project and work simultaneously.

Automated backups avoid that your data gets lost. Instant data recovery is in build, without the need of professional help.


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Subtitles available with the CC-button in the video. Select your language with the gear-symbol.

More videos:
Build a quiz with the inbuilt function
File-upload via tablets
Plugin free audio recordings
Share a project to a database


Possible contents:

  • Text (WYSIWYG-Editor)
  • Audio (use our integrated sound recorder or upload audio files)
  • Video (converts video formats automatically in order to support several browsers)
  • Pictures (upload via Drag & Drop, automatized image compression and rotation)
  • Image gallery (upload via Drag & Drop, automatisier image compression; 3 display possibilities: Thumbnail gallery, stacking, slideshow)
  • Online-Quiz (question types: single selection, multiple choice, keyword, cloze text)
  • Documents  (PDF, Power-Point, Word,...)
  • Linklist (place a link to a project on your website or to an external website)
  • Index (automatic project sitemap, page hierarchy, ...)
  • Mail forms (in order to allow the visitors to give feedback)
Project structure:
  • Spread large onto multiple, hierarchically ordered pages.
  • Add, rename and delete pages (renaming doesn't have an implication on existing links)
  • Change the page order and hierarchy at any time by drag&drop
  • Use existing pages as template (copy)
  • Lock finalized pages
General functions:
  • Autosave and recovery
  • Detailed logfiles
  • Automatic backups (with recovery of entire pages / single elements)
  • Simultaneous collaboration on the same page possible (in different elements)
  • Sorting of page elements by drag&drop
  • Hiding of specific elements for guests (drafts)
  • Locking of specific elements
  • Project layout (set up general headers, footers and navigation bars for the entire project)
  • Print project (entire project, single page, specific elements of a page)
  • Monitoring functions for group masters (information on changes by e-mail or internal notifications)
  • Customizable access rights
  • Share pages on your pinboard
  • Share pages by mail, Twitter or Facebook
  • Suitable for tablets