Conversations – Exchange ideas with others in real-time.

Users can chat in realtime with each other and instantly share documents, pictures, video and voice messages.
The initator of a conversation decides who (individual persons, groups, ...) is invited to join in.
Invited users are notified as soon as an invitation to chat is submitted.
Everybody can participate in multiple discussions at the same time.

The Conversation module is a safe social media component aiming to support and facilitate social exchange in an organization. Only known and identified users that are registered on the school network can be invited to discuss and participate!


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Subtitles available with the CC-button in the video. Select your language with the gear-symbol.

More videos:
Audio and video in the instant messenger


  • Create conversations with one or multiple users or groups
  • Share documents, audio or video files with invited users
  • Use the microphone to post a voice message (currently only available in Firefox)
  • Ignore annoying user
  • Leave discussions
  • Delete discussions
  • Group masters can disable the chat for users for whom they are responsible.
  • Receive offline messages and read history
  • Mini-Chat
  • Subject-based chat (cf thread title)