Newsletter – Inform with style

Inform your colleagues, parents, etc. in a standardised form via e-mail newsletters.

For this purpose a styled template can be buit (e.g. with a header and footer). Thus, wewsletters have a sent have a unified look (c.f. corporate design).

Enrolment (opt-in) can be done via a simple form on the website allowing persons to register themselves. Registered persons can unsubscribe (opt-out) with a single click at any moment.


  • Registration (opt-in) through a form that can be embedded on any spot on your website.
  • Cancellation (opt out) by a single click on a link in the newsletter email.
  • Verification of the registration with a welcome email in which a link to confirm must be clicked. (Prevention of enrollment by foreign persons.)
  • Freely designable mail template (HTML).
  • Possibility to integrate entries of an OLEFA database directly in the mail template.
  • Site administrators can even add, delete, and view subscriber addresses.
  • Ability to run multiple (thematic) newsletter in parallel with different subscribers.