Webbook – Publish online books.

Create online books for different purposes. Webbooks can be used to create photo stories, to document activities and much more.
Use it for example as a presentation-portfolio, collecting all of your texts, images and videos over a given period. You can keep your webbook for years, adding elements and chapters gradually. That way you can keep track of your learning progress and assemble a  chronological collection of productions that are relevant to you.  

You can also collaborate with others simultaneously on a webbook.

Illustrate a webbook by adding voice recordings, audio clips, images, videos and links.

Publish your webbook online or print it if you need a paper copy for your portfolio.

Automated backups and an auto-save mechanism ensure that your data is kept safe. If needed a previous version can be restored within seconds by yourself.

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Subtitles available with the CC-button in the video. Select your language with the gear-symbol.

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Plugin free audio recordings
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Possible contents:

  • Text (width WYSIWYG editor)
  • Audio (use our integrated sound recorder or upload audio files)
  • Video (converts several video formats automatically in order to support several browsers)
  • Images (upload via Drag&Drop, automatised image compression)
  • Links

General functions:

  • Autosave and Recovery
  • Automatised Backups
  • Simultaneous Editing (while on different pages)
  • Page sorting
  • Choice between 3 book formats
  • Print version (without audio and video elements)
  • Monitor your group activity (Get information via e-mail or directly on your user manager)
  • Adjust access rights
  • Share your stories on your pinboard
  • Share your stories via Email, Twitter or Facebook