Poll – Just ask

This dynamic and participative tool allows you to instantly obtain an opinion, feedback and information from your school community and to take these informations and inputs into consideration, in your plannings, decisions and next steps.

You can also easily create knowledge quizzes & tests to query the knowledge about a certain topic.

Different response schemes are possible. (Yes/no, multiple choice, gap texts, ...)
You determine the circle of participants.
Invitees can vote, react and answer online.
The result of the vote can be visualized immediately on request.

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Several types of answer-questions schemes
  • Yes / No
  • Single selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Open response (comment)
  • Appointment finding / availability and disponibility coordination
Several options per question:
  • Possibility to attach pictures / sound files / videos
  • Possibility to logically group the questions on multiple pages
  • Possibility to allow comments for further explanation of the answer

Definition of participants:
  • Only invited registered users
  • Any person who has an access code (by distributable short link)
  • Any person who has an access code (by short link distributable) and is authenticated by a valid email address
  • Anyone without restrictions
  • Anyone who authenticates via email address

Setting, how already given answers are shown while filling out questions:
  • Not at all (hidden)
  • Anonymous
  • Nominally

Permission to see the results (setting options):
  • Only the creator of the survey
  • All participants
  • Everyone
  • Only registered users

Setting how results are displayed:
  • Anonymous (only % data)
  • Nominally (who voted what)

Invitation process:
  • Via e-mail (contained in the account settings, or via direct specification of the address)
  • Via system notification within OLEFA

General options:
  • Share this poll directly on the pinboard
  • Share this poll via email, Twitter or Facebook