Digital Kiosk (Digital Signage)

To easily and efficiently communicate externally and internally we have prepared some usage examples for kiosks that are based on the OLEFA platform.
As a device you can use a web-enabled television, a tablet or a small computer with an internet connection. As a mini-computer you can for example use a Raspberry Pi.


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Some features that can be used in such a display:
  • Timed slideshow of latest news and announcements.
  • Automatic scrolling down for larger texts.
  • Integration of videos, that are played back integrally before going over to the next slide.
  • Integration of restaurant menus.
  • Easy information management with OLEFA databases.
  • Databases can be used for both the website and the kiosk slideshow, so that the you just have to fill in the contents once.
  • Specific filters to define which information should appear in the slideshow and/or the website, or even to fill different kiosks in different locations with specific content.
  • Possibility to combine database entries from different OLEFA websites in one slideshow.
  • Possibility to switch between different slideshow modes according to your needs, e.g. display of multiple announcements / photo-slideshow from a specific gallery…