Forms - Get in contact and get feedback

Via structured email forms with predefined information fields, visitors of the web portal can contact you and/or provide requested information or feedback.

Data may either be sent to one or more e-mail addresses or be collected in an OLEFA database. (Both options can also be combined.)

Examples: General feedback form, registration form to an event, online petition, guestbook, wish list for future library acquisitions,  ...


  • Freely definable form fields (text, number, yes or no buttons, drop-down menus, radio buttons ...) and structure.
  • Forms can be sent to one or more e-mail addresses.
  • Forms can supply content directly into an OLEFA database.
  • A copy of the form can optionally be sent to the sender.
  • Spam protection via captcha function.
  • Automatic transfer of the logged in user name.