Mailserver & Webmail - Communicate

Provide external website visitors with the opportunity to get in touch with you via one or several dedicated e-mail addresses.

Creating and managing of e-mail addresses is directly and seamlessly integrated into the administration interface of the CMS. The e-mail addresses can be either redirects or direct mailboxes on the server (POP3 or IMAP), which can be retrieved via a webmail interface on your website or an e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird ...).

E-mail addresses can be forwarded directly as a group mail to multiple mailboxes / addresses at a time. This might be useful to contact the school committee, a project team, a taskforce or all teachers of a specific school cycle. The list of target addresses can automatically be set up from the hierarchical group structure that you've already built within the User Manager.


E-mail management for administrators:
  • Create, delete, and associate mailboxes with OLEFA user accounts.
  • Create email addresses redirecting to one/multiple external e-mail addresses and/or lead to one/several mailboxes on your website.
  • Define group emails for which the target addresses are obtained automatically from the group structure of the user management (taking into account the hierarchy of groups and subgroups).
Options for all users with whom an e-mail account is associated:
  • Changing the email password directly on the OLEFA website
  • Setting up an automatic response (e.g. during an extended holiday absence)
Characteristics of e-mail accounts:
  • Mailboxes can optionally be accessed via IMAP or POP3 over any mail client.
  • The Roundcube webmail interface can be configured on your server, and is automatically available for all mailboxes. (See more about webmail features on