Database Generator - Organise your data.

OLEFA databases can be used anywhere on your website, and offer many options to list data in a structured format (including search filters, scrolling functions, ...)

Examples of databases: News-Announcements, blog, material management, libraries / media centers, collection of registration / enrollments, contact databases, to-do lists, ...

You can use common models (eg for blogs and libraries ...), but the databases can also be modelled entirely free: fields, categories, display screens, search forms, etc. can be set up and freely customized, including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Once a database is constructed, it is very easy for authorized users to fill structured content without having to worry about the presentation.


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Subtitles available with the CC-button in the video. Select your language with the gear-symbol.


Basic functions
  • Predefined templates for news / library / blog / podcast / contacts databases
  • Multiple image/audio/video/PDF/documents integration/entry via drag and drop
  • Automatic image compression before/automatic video and audio conversion after upload
  • Logging
  • Hierarchical categorization (multilingual) (single/multiple selection)
  • Mutual referencing of different databases (single/multiple selection)
  • WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get) 
  • Multilingual fields

Status (lending of books/articles)
  • From-til time (predefined by type/freely customizable)
  • User selection by:
    • Dropdown (filtered by group)
    • User card with barcode
    • Batch Processing
    • EntryUser Search

Status (item-management)
  • Note
  • Edition
  • Code Adjustment
  • Self-service interface
    • Touchscreen compatible
    • Return / Loan / Account Overview

  • (automatic) collection lists

  • Custom label templates
  • With logo / graphic
  • With barcode (ISBN-based / copy based)
  • Single print (Dymo) / collective print (A4)

Printing lists
  • Customizable layout
  • Filter by state / group / keyword / category / ...
  • Sort by groups / people
  • Sheet grouping by groups / people

  • Number of entries / copies
  • Number of entries different code types
  • Number of entries with media files
  • Number of entries with different statuses
  • Transaction Statistics (Focused on user / group / time period)
  • Entries with the highest activity (status change)
  • Inventory (Comparing existent and registered copies)

  • Set default sorting
  • Add/remove/ajust database fields
  • Several completely free customizable view / search screens per database (HTML based)
  • Comment and rating function
  • Specify templates (take over of view masks from other databases)
  • Different access rights for different users / groups
  • Data transfer between two servers (e.g. intranet / web)
  • Data sharing between multiple servers (e.g. joint news for a composite)
  • Reservation-carts (with email notification / lisitng in administration interface)
  • Custom RSS Feed
  • Automatic content acquisition of Amazon- / MARC / ISBD gateways
  • Automatic extraction of information Antolin