More than just tools!

Not the tools are important, but the goals a person or group intend to achieve. The tools allow pupils, students and teachers, individually or as a group, to act and collaborate simultaneously or at different moments. All tools were developed based on observations of real teaching practices in the classrooms and constant exchange of ideas and experiences between teachers and the designers of the tools. Applications can be used by children as early as in the Kindergarten, by pupils in primary and secondary schools as well as by adults in higher education institutions. All functionalities are continuously adapted to the technical evolution of browsers and Internet.

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Wiki – Present your activities. Collaborate on projects.

Create, edit and publish basic and complex structured projects that include text, pictures, photo galleries, videos, links, recordings, quizzes, voice recordings and more.

Poll – Just ask

Create, complete and evaluate surveys, opinion polls, researches, questionnaires, tests, quizzes and other.

Userhome – The most important in one place.

Userhome is the central place where users can find all information relevant for them and gain access to production-, communication- and collaboration-tools.

Pinboard – Share important information.

Safe social network that allows users to publish notifications on a digital pinboard and react to other posts.

Conversations – Exchange ideas with others in real-time.

Users can communicate and share information in real time with other users. They can also exchange documents, pictures, videos and audio-files & voice recordings.

News, Blogs, Podcasts: Be your own reporter.

Communicate dynamically about your organization, your projects, events and activities.

Newsletter – Inform with style

Inform your colleagues, parents, etc. in a standardized form via newsletter.

Forms - Get in contact and get feedback

Creation of e-mail templates for pre-structured collection and assembling of information e.g. contact, feedback, comments, choices, ...

Mailserver & Webmail - Communicate

Create official email addresses or group emails for your organisation.

OLEFA–CMS – Present your institution.

Design dynamic and attractive websites. Maintain and update your web content quickly and easily without technical knowledge.

Database Generator - Organise your data.

Generate complex databases for any purposes: blogs, news, contact databases, podcasts, material stocks ...

Digital Kiosk (Digital Signage)

Schools, childcare facilities, public administrations and other organisations have a need to communicate externally and internally.